Our dearest DM3 Family,
you deserve to learn a bit about the band, so here you go!

We’ve been touring our beautiful country, the Czech Republic, for twelve years now, having played perhaps all the clubs and large venues, as well as most of the festivals. We’ve seen the worst rundown clubs where the toilets had no doors, and we’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing gigantic stages with twenty thousand people in front of us. We know what it’s like to get dressed in the van or cold hallway with no heating, eating sausages or goulash every weekend. We also know what it’s like to spend all weekends on the road and travel a million miles, from one end of the country to the other a thousand times back and forth every year. We know the jealousy between bands, the slander, decent event organisers as well as the ridiculous jerks who won’t even give you a bottle of water on the stage. We know all this and much more. We do all this for You and for ourselves, and we bloody love doing it! Believe us when we say that despite the slanderers’ slander, the critics’ criticism and the orthodox warlocks’ hate, we will keep making the music we love, for our Family that means the world to us! We will keep making music as honestly as we can, we will entertain ourselves and hopefully entertain you too.

Thank you to all the organises, thank you to our team without whom all this wouldn’t have been possible, thank you to all the sponsors, without whose help we could not have done this, thank you to all the media, who sometimes notice that there are Czech rock bands, thank you to all the normal people, keep it up. Thank you so much to all our fans for the incredible twelve years. We are looking forward to another year full of great music and amazing people!

Thank you all of you for being with us!