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DYMYTRY is one of the most successful bands coming out of Central Europe lately. With their unique sound, which DYMYTRY calls Psy-Core, the band built up a strong fan base in their home country of Czech Republic and ever-growing fan base in Europe/World.

The band was founded in Prague in 2003. Since then, DYMYTRY released 8 studio albums, few EPs and two Live DVD/CDs. Currently the band has more than 100 million YouTube views, 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, 87000 fans on Face-book.

In March 2018 the band has gathered 3500 fans to attend their first arena show “15 Years Behind The Mask Anniversary” with the band HÄMATOM from Germany as a special guest. Since the beginning of October 2018, DYMYTRY has been on tour with HÄMATOM in Germany. Before the tour DYMYTRY and HÄMATOM recorded the single “Behind the Mask” and a video for the song which both bands released in September of 2018.

The album REVOLTER was released in October 2019. It was produced and mixed by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner (Powerwolf, Hämatom, Electric Callboy among others). REVOLTER achieved golden status only two weeks after the re-lease, and two months later it became platinum! The Revolter Tour was very suc-cessful and ended in a sold out O2 Universum arena with more than 4000 fans.

When the band brought out their successful album ‘REVOLT ’in English for the first time in autumn 2021, asserting their claim to international fame, the release met with positive reactions from countless music magazines. This coup succeeded thanks to their signing of vocalist Alen Ljubić in combination with a cutting-edge mix of powerful modern metal, intelligent lyrics and impeccable craftsmanship.

Dymytry’s success story, which has continued across the whole of Europe, has also included tours with Pantera, Lordi and Hämatom, among others, as well as a sold-out „20 Years“ anniversary concert at Prague’s O2 Arena in November 2023 with 13,000 tickets sold. Now the five-piece has upped the ante: their latest English-lan-guage album ‘FIVE ANGRY MEN ’has been released on 26th January 2024, sup-ported by Dymytry’s first headlining tour outside the Czech Republic in March 2024.

‘FIVE ANGRY MEN ’was produced by Kristian Kohle at his Kohlekeller Studio, the artwork was designed by Steven Harrison, with Alen Ljubić contributing the booklet photos. Finally, the Dymytry frontman appropriately summarises the new album, which is guaranteed to cause a stir on the scene. Referring to the record’s motto, he explains tongue-in-cheek: “Sometimes you need five ugly anti-heroes who don’t gloss over the ugly reality, but at least present it in good songs




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