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Alen alen(at)
Dymo urbanjiri(at)
Gorgy gorgy(at)
R2R r2r(at)
Mildor milosmeier(at)

PR Dymytry

Jiří Urban


Logo visuals / Promo photos

Logo Dymytry white, black background: PNG | PDF
Logo Dymytry black, white background : PNG | PDF
Promo photos for full quality printing (300DPI): ZIP

The technical requirements

We need at least 4x sober stagehands for load-in and load-out.




We prefer: Nexo Alpha/Meyer S./L-Acoustic K..,Kara,Arcs/JBL VerTec/Martin A.

We accept: EV/KV2/RCF/D&B/Adamson

We don`t accept: Mackie, SoundKing, the box, Behringer, homemade, selfmade etc.


We have our own mixing console PRO1

We need 4 x ethernet – CAT5 – RJ45 from FOH to our Stagebox (Stage-left)

We give LR on FOH AES



We have our own light console Avolites Tiger Touch II.


We need:

1 x ethernet – CAT5 – RJ45 from FOH to stage (drum riser)

1 x CEE 16A (3f 5p) power socket on stage


Please send patchlist and lightplot in advance to (at least 7 days before the show).



We have our own monitor console, in-ears, stagebox, substageboxes, mics, cables.

We need 2x single plug 230V-10A, one on stage left, and one near drums.


We need rolling drum riser 2×3 meters, 40cm heigth.



We carry our own backline with us.


If you need some further info, please contact our stage manager:

Pavel Srb: +420 777 811 503

Repertoire list for download | OSA

Stage plan and input list to download

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