education: Prague Conservatory, field of study: (surprisingly) drums
previous bands: well, the first one was a brass band in Hronov, then another forty-two-and-a-half bands and projects, and now, in addition to Dymytry, I’ve been playing for some time now with Michal Pavlíček, BSP,, Stroy, Daniel Landa, and, most importantly, in my all time favourite band the Drumming Syndrome, where the only member is meeeeee?
equipment: TAMA drums, MEINL cymbals, BALBEX drumsticks, and AQUARIAN drumheads
top five albums:
Metallica – And Justice For All
Muse – Absolution
Slipknot – Iowa
Victor Bailey – Low Blow
Aerosmith – Nine Lives
which Terminator movie I like best: none, I don’t watch the Terminator.
which Rambo movie I like best: 3
which Rocky movie I like best: all the same
which kind of shot you can buy me: still water
what I never drink: all that cannot be drunk.

Miloš „Mildor“ Meier